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The Travelers Detective Club

Eleven-year-old Jeremy Johnson’s life changed the day he received a plain brown box with a letter and a bizarre, magical creature inside. Jeremy and the Travelers Detective Club travel to Portugal in a race to decode a cryptic note leading them to magical artifacts. If his new archenemy captures them first, panic and financial ruin will befall the continent.


The Travelers Detective Club


Parisian art and landmarks are disappearing! The members of the Travelers Detective Club are in France, trying to outwit far-right radicals who are trying to cause chaos and take over the government. In this children’s mystery, the detectives explore Paris with their magical sidekicks who prove capable of more than just changing colors.When one of their group is kidnapped, the detectives must race to save them while landmarks seemingly dissolve into thin air. But what happens when they forget to watch their backs? And just how many groups are they up against?

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My Story

Sussi Voak works as a physical therapist but rises before dawn to follow her writing dreams. This book was inspired by travels with her son.  The idea for the Travelers Detective Club series was born on a beach in Luz in the Algarve of Portugal. It took multiple years of writing and revision, agent rejection and more revisions.  Just as it was being finished, coffee was accidentally fed to the computer and all of the final edits were lost. Frustrated, Sussi put the manuscript  into a drawer for over a year. Pulling it out again, she realized the story was one others might enjoy.  It was initially self published without a proper cover in an attempt to prevent its return to the drawer. Those who read it, enjoyed it, so a call for help was put out and a new cover was born.


The Travelers Detective Club Series


The Travelers Detective Club Series:

Jeremy Johnson and his fellow detectives solve mysteries around the world. Going up against adults bent on ruining the world, the detectives come armed with a little magic of their own.


This is a fabulous, magical adventure filled with mystery, fun and friendship. It's an inspiring story about taking the risks that make life more interesting, meaningful and beautiful. Great for young and old; our family enjoyed every minute. With this first published work of writer Sussi Voak, lovers of children’s mystery and adventure stories have a wonderful new series to follow!

NTanya Lee

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